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How Does Life Coaching Work 

We meet with you as collaborators and offer email and text support between visits. We will listen with compassion, and offer concrete suggestions towards meeting your goals.   We share stories and anecdotes to add perspective and insight.   Our services are entirely confidential and  you will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion.  For a confidential consultation and to learn more about our services please reach out by phone or on the contact form  to understand how our approach can benefit you.

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Helping you find the path to your best self.

Optimize your relationships ! 

With advanced degrees and over 40 years of experience working with people in counseling and college settings, Kelly and Michael engage clients with understanding, challenging you to make changes to enhance your life. 

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           Counseling and Coaching Services
       Marriage and Relationship Counseling
      Helping couples find connection, love and intimacy
       Re-establish closeness and compassion in your marriage   
       Improve listening, communication and problem solving                                                            Restore intimacy and healthy sexuality in your relationship

          Personalized Individual Coaching

     Creating your ideal life

      Manage emotions and become more mindful

       Set and achieve habit changes

       Enjoy meaningful relationships

       Increase creativity

       Find your career path


Back Bay Life 

    Coaching and Counseling

Marriage and  Relationship Counseling

Life Coaching 

Teletherapy and Video Sessions Available Now  

A Concierge Practice for Proactive Change

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Happiness is not something ready made;

it comes from your own actions.

The Dalai Lama

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